International Scout II (1966-81) Rear Leaf Springs OEM - Pair

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Give new life to your International Scout II (1966-81) with brand new CS designed Rear leaf springs. These Scout II Springs have been designed to give the best in ride quality, handling and load capacity.


Why Order Our International Scout II Rear Leaf Spring

Our International Scout II Leaf spring isn’t your ordinary leaf spring. Not like the standard factory spring ours have been designed and modified to fit all your wishes.

Our clients wanted a spring that would provide a soft ride, excellent handling characteristics and the ability to carry more wait in the Rear if required. We believe we have conquered this challenge by providing our customers with the very best International Scout II Spring on the market.

Developed around your opinions we & one of North America’s largest OEM manufacture have exclusively developed a spring that will provides a soft ride as well as handle a heavier load.




* Exclusive OEM replacement springs designed by C.S. and manufactured by one of North America’s largest spring manufacturers


      * Because of our large buying power we have set our prices to


    * Very Easy and Straight forward installation


    * Built in North America, With North American Steel


    * Built to OEM, ISO & Military Standards


    * These springs always sells out QUICK so please phone for availability


    * Springs are sold in pairs