Coil Springs

Heavy Duty Coil Springs for Additional Load Handling

Heavy Duty coil springs from Tuf Truck, Old Man Emu , BDS give you additional load handling capability as well as a simple, maintenance-free lift option for Trucks and Motorhomes. Heavy Duty coil springs are the best way to increase weight capacity or gain extra height.


Heavy Duty Coil Spring Features
  • Manufactured in the USA and CANADA from American made materials and components
  • Excellent for trucks with snow plows or diesel engines. No maintenance required
  • Additional load handling capability per pair over OEM springs
  • Improves corning stability, handling and ride quality
  • Heavy duty coil springs are recommend for use in vehicles used in continuous heavy hauling conditions
Coil Spring Benefits
  • Heavy Duty Coil Springs require no maintenance, making them an excellent load handling solution for fleet vehicles, pickups, vans and motorhomes
  • Heavy Duty coil springs improve the handling and ride quality of heavily loaded vehicles, thereby reducing driver fatigue and increasing safety and efficiency

Note:Never exceed the manufacturer’s suggested GVW.