Fifth Wheel / RV Trailer Repair

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Trailer Repairs performed by experts in the Fraser Valley , Abbotsford BC. Suspension & Axle Problems – Alignment / Worn Out Tire Issues – Electrical Problems Brakes / Re Pack Bearings

Re Pack Bearings / Brake Repair

Axle bearing and brake maintenance are two of the most important aspects of trailer ownership, but it’s surprising how few RVers pay attention to these humble assemblies. We’re sure you’d agree that being able to carry a load and stop safely are pretty important, let Carrier Spring check your bearings today.

Suspension Repair / Lifting + Raising

It is very common to see broken trailer hangers and broken leaf springs. Both issues can be fixed and reinforced with stronger remedies. We can reinforce your spring hangers so there will be less twisting so that they don’t brake again. Your trailer can also have more material added to your leaf spring so that they are much stronger. When it comes to lifting and raising, we can build custom leaf springs that will lift the trailer as high as you want. We can also perform Trailer Axle Flips, if the trailer isn’t already flipped.

Alignment / Tires Worn Out

Proper axle alignment is a vital part of trailer maintenance. Failure to maintain proper alignment may cause tire scrubbing and suspension component strain. Your trailer’s alignment should be checked regularly and the axles realigned when required to prevent unnecessary tire wear.

Electrical Troubleshooting

RV electrical problems may have popped up because of these possible situations: did the water heater kick on and send the electrical system into overload? Did the RV park’s power cut out? Did your EMS unit shut the power down because it detected a problem? Did the AC unit and the convection oven restart together? What should you do?

Suspension & Axle Aligment

Axle alignment is necessary to set the wheels and tires in the correct position. Axles are aligned in a static position so that when the vehicle is operating it all better be straight. We build and sell axles. Call today.

Electrical Repair

We can trouble shoot your trailer electrical problem. New break away battery installed with system indication lights.

Brake Special

Have your brakes serviced properly, no more noise.

Trailer Leaf Spring & Bushings

If you need a trailer spring give us a call. We can get the job done for you as we can customize any leaf spring you need for a Rv, Utility , fifthwheel trailer.

Worn Out Tire Issues

Improper tire alignment can cause your tires to wear unevenly and prematurely.