Carrier Spring Service Ltd.

Located in Abbotsford B.C., our heavy duty mechanics services all makes and models of vehicles. We specialize in suspension & spring repair on light duty and heavy duty trucks and equipment. We can inspect your vehicle free of charge and discuss with you any issues we find with your vehicle. Our heavy duty mechanics are qualified to work on servicing your engine, transmission and gear oils. Steering issues, brake problems, electrical and electronics and minor engine repairs.

Leaf Spring Repair & Replacement

Leaf spring repair on all makes and models, big or small we do them all. If you have a broken leaf, worn out spring bushing, broken or sheared center bolt, worn out plastic teflon end pads, we can fix your problem.

Front End Components

We can replace ball joints and control arm bushings when excessive wear or play is found. Wheel bearings and hub assembly can be upgraded & replaced when found necessary. Brake jobs can be completed affordable and quickly.

RV & Travel Trailers

We services all suspension, steering and alignment issues. We can custom order axles for your trailer if they are bent or worn out. We also do a lot of re-forcing of travel trailer suspension hangers as the hangers from factory in most cases are never strong enough for the twist and turns a trailer will encounter.

Lift & Lowering Kits

We most brands of lift kits and lowering kits. We specialize installing all the parts that we sell for your truck. BDS Lift kit, Zone Offroad Lift Kit, Procomp Lift Kit, Fabtech Lift Kit, Skyjacker Lift Kit. Ground force, belltech, eibach, DJM Lowering Kits.

Custom Springs

If you need a spring give us a call. We can get the job done for you as we can customize any leaf spring you need for a 4x4, antique car or semi truck. We also have a large selection of coil springs that can also be customized to fit most applications.

Bushing Replacement

Your suspension bushings in your vehicle should always be tight with no ware. We service all suspension bushings on the big and small vehicles. Leaf spring bushings, shock absorber bushings, shackle bushings, trailing arm bushing, track bar bushings, control arm bushings, walking beam bushings, torque rod bushings.

Welding Repairs

We can do welding repairs on most of your projects. Frame Repair fish plating, C notches. Custom brackets that need welding

Overload Springs & Sway

We have the overload solution for you. We can customize a solution for your vehicle. We can make custom overload spring packs and brackets. We have air bag air spring solutions. We also sell Hellwig Sway bars for extra stabilizing when you are fully loaded.


We have a state of the art Snap on alignment machine. If you want a reliable accurate alignment give us a call.