Ford F250 1966-79 - Custom Front Lift Spring 14" - Pair

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Get the finest custom springs in the World, with Custom Suspension’s hand crafted Lift Springs


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*Ford F250 1966-79 - Custom Front Lift Spring 14" - Pair

Why Order Custom Suspension Leaf Springs?


*Springs come with Diamond Cut Ends & Teflon Anti Friction Pads. These features eliminate noise, squeaking and combine to give the smoothes ride on the market.

*Our springs are NOT MASS PRODUCED, this means that we can be FLEXIBLE with your order.

* Leaf Springs include RB Bushings. We along with all Automobile manufactures feel that RB bushings are the best bushings on the market. They give a nice smooth and firm ride, they will also last the life of your springs as poly will not. Springs can be ordered with poly bushings if you choose.

* All our material is made from NORTH AMERICAN mined Steel. Not like some of the competitors that fool their customers with cheap Oversees steel, we only use the best from North American manufactures.


    * Most products are shipped out within 10 business days. Standard UPS ground will take 3 to 7 business days to arrive.


    * Orders can be processed over our secure internet store or ordered toll free from one of our sales representatives.



* Do you need U-Bolts? Order some of our low priced U-Bolts from our online store or talk to someone on our sales team.