Dodge 2500 3500 (2003 - 2012) Custom Rear Lift Spring 10" - Pair

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Order the best Custom Leaf Springs on the Market. All our Custom Leaf springs are manufactured in house and can be built around the specifications you want

Purchase Includes :

* 2 – Dodge 2500 3500 (2003 - 2012) Custom Rear Lift Spring 10"

* 8 - 12 Leaves - Customers Choice - Progressive Soft or HD Design

Why Order Custom Suspension Leaf Springs?


*Springs come with Diamond Cut Ends & Teflon Anti Friction Pads. These features eliminate noise & squeaking.

*Our springs are NOT MASS PRODUCED, this means that we can be FLEXIBLE with your order.

* Leaf Springs include OEM Bushings.

* Our Springs Steel is From North America, So is all our Manufacturing


      * Most products are shipped out within 10 business days. Standard UPS ground will take 3 to 7 business days to arrive.


    * Orders can be processed over our secure internet store or ordered toll free from one of our sales representatives.



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