Ford F350 F250 (1999-07) Rear Leaf Springs OEM 43-1261 - Pair

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SRI No. OEM No. Width PL-1
No of Leaves Pack Thck
Spring Capty. Remarks
43-1261 F81Z5560BA
3 25 33 1/4 7 7/8 4/1 2 1/4 3,000 Single Rear Wheels; Two stage

Are your Ford F350 Rear springs becoming fatigued and sagging? Is the ride quality starting to diminish drastically?

If it’s time to replace your rear springs we have the solution for you.

Our High Quality OEM F350 Springs are made in North America and are the solution.

* Designed by one of the largest OEM manufactures in North America, these engineers have not only designed ride quality into these springs but load capacity as well.

* Don’t miss the opportunity to have the very best in quality and satisfaction at your finger tips.

* All our springs come with a full manufactures warranty.


Certified USA Steel & Built in Canada / Quality Springs Built to Last


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