3/4" by 16" U-bolt

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Is It Time That You Upgrade To A Thicker U-Bolt, Or Lose Those Low Grade U-Bolts On Your Existing Vehicle?


Our online store makes it easy to for you, to order the lowest priced and strongest U-Bolts in North America.

What is Included in your Purchase:


  • 1-- Gr. 8 Custom U-Bolt
  • 2-- Gr. 8 Deep Nuts
    • 2-- Gr. 8 Hardened Flat Washers
    * Our U-Bolts are OEM certified Gr. 8 Rods, therefore there isn’t a stronger U-Bolt on the market.

    *Because these U-Bolts are made from Gr. 8 steel the sufficient level of torque can be applied, not like the competitions low grade U-Bolts that bend, twist and can’t handle the right amount of torque, our U-bolts are strong and durable and will last the life of your vehicle.

    *Having U-Bolts that will handle the right amount of torque will prevent your springs from twisting or hopping off of your spring perches. These situations can lead to a suspension’s early demise such as broken leafs, early sagging as well as U-Bolts that may bend or break off.

    *Purchases can be made on our secure online store, or ordered from one of our telephone representatives.

    *A total of any 4 U-Bolts must be ordered for a purchase to be processed. Shipping to Most North American cities is $16 for a Box of ubolts.

    *A scale of discounts apply for purchases of 50-10,000 units of U-Bolts. If you are a Retailer or Distributor we encourage you to talk to one of our sales representatives to discuss your options.