Toyota Tacoma Custom Rear Springs 1998 - 2004 - 1" - 2.5" - Your Choice

We build some killer leaf springs for these Toyota Tacoma Trucks 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004. If you want a leaf spring with a bit more weight capacity then the factory leaf springs, then we build a very popular leaf spring that will give your Tacoma an extra 500 pds capacity. We have been building them for years and installing them in our shop. Our customers have always been happy with how there Toyota's have turned out.

Our custom leaf spring is a 3 / 1 design similar to the factory spring except, we use a thicker gauge steel and 1/8 wider rather then the metric. Old Ubolts will still work, or buy our new ubolts.

We also change the design of the bottom overload or rebound leaf, so it makes contact sooner, so that you get the extra capacity when loading your tools or Atv's.

There is no other spring like this on the market, other companies all over the internet just sell the OEM spring, with the OEM design. No improvements or anything, and worse then that some company's are selling cheap CHINESE or INDIA leaf springs at low internet pricing.

If you want to buy the best springs for your money, then give us a call. We Handbuild OEM springs, HD leaf springs & Progressive offroad springs whatever you are looking for.



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