Dodge 3500 Diesel Steering Box Stablizer & Front Axle Problem

Our customer was having issues with his steering being sloppy, so we inspected his truck and found that the steering box stabilizer he had bought and put on was not the right fit for his truck, as well as the pitman arm was loose.



When we inspected the differential, Fred found that the yoke was loose, after dissembling the yoke he noticed that someone had it apart before and never put a crush sleeve in front of the seal. Without that crush sleep the yoke was loose, and the customer was loosing oil and slowly wrecking his gears. We called Chrysler and got all the replacement parts we needed, to make the job right for the customer, without doing a full rebuild and saving him some money.


We cleaned out his front differential and replaced the oil. 75w-140 Full Synthetic



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