Carrier Spring

Carrier Spring Service has been serving Abbotsford to Vancouver since 1979 and the rest of North America since 2002 when our online store opened.

We are a full service truck & tractor heavy duty repair shop, as well as a suspension distributor of OEM leaf springs, coil Spring and suspension Parts. CustomSuspension.Com also builds Premium Handcrafted Custom Leaf Springs.

Carrier Spring should be your first Phone Call when it comes to Suspension as we can provide quick and affordable service delivered to your door.

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Heavy Duty Truck & Equipment Repair

We work on all makes and models of trucks and recreational vehicles. Highway Trucks & Gravel Trucks, Offroad Trucks, RV and Fifth Wheel Trailers.

As soon as you arrives we can Inspect your Truck or Equipment.


*Brake jobs and issues with the braking system is the most common problems we see.

*Service leaking hydraulic hoses, system running to hot, or any restriction or problems with the Hydraulic system.

*Electrical & Electronic troubleshooting batteries, lights & grounds or shorts you may have.

*Engine problems / Oil Changes & Turbo Troubleshooting

*Transmission shifting problems & Oil changes

*Clutch slippage, chatter, dragging & bearing noise problems


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