Dodge Ram 2500 3500 1994 - 2009 4wd DSL Leveling Coils 2.5" HD - pair

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Dodge Lift Coils / Leveling Coils 2.5" / Heavy Duty -  Weight rated at 5,000lbs 




  • These Coils are perfect if you Heavy Bumper or Snow Plow on the Front of Truck, Most people also enjoy these coils over there stock coils as they do not provide a mushy ride compared to stock coils.

  • Leveling system for your ¾ ton to 1 ton 1994 - 2009 Dodge Ram.

  • This leveling lift kit is excellent if you want to gain a couple inches on your front end, accomplish a level truck and no longer worry about those bigger tires rubbing on the body.

  • These Coils will also improve the handling of your Dodge Truck as the thicker wire helps stiffen the ride when cornering and everyday driving